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Hello Guys

Post by James on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:16 pm

Hey Everyone,
I'm James. Just to give you a quick rundown of the site, since I am the owner... here it is:

This site was created to talk generally about The Rike Chronicles Game Series and Book. There are also other forums and a Facebook page. We will post all updates and screenshots of the game, and the book will be talked about. I'm thinking about adding a donate button, but I'm thinking more not good idea.

Now a rundown of me:
I'm the owner of this site and the whole "company". I've done all the coding on the game series, besides some special scripts used (thanks to an unnamed website) that were made by some very talented people. I mostly edit the book, but I've written at least half of it. I'm blonde, if that's of any importance.

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